I did not use snapchat before at all because I felt like I am wasting my time to see what other people doing on their daily life but I have to admit that this week experience totally changed my mind. it was really awesome to share cool pictures with your friends and see how different is everyone’s view of the same subject. it was also great that we had an opportunity to chat with the artist “Josh Vasquez” the same time that we were seeing his art exhibition “Vida Morte”. he is in the BFA paint & Draw program of CSULB school of art and his ideas explore life & death. my favorite art work was a painting by artist “Roddy Hernandez”. it looks creepy but I really like it.

I also had a chance to chat with two good friends of mine “Reza Behzadian” and “Charles Watson”. they both are Film major which is very cool and they both liked Josh Vasquez solo art work.


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