WK 4-Artist Conversation-Samuel Jernigan

Artist: Samuel Jernigan

Exhibition: Weight of Whimsy and Ideals

Media: Ceramics 

Gallery: Gatov Gallery West 

Website: http://www.cargocollective.com/samueljernigan 

Instagram: @samueljenri

About the Artist

This week we had a chance to meet the artist “Samuel Jernigan”. He recently graduated from California State University of Long Beach with BFA in Ceramics. He is originally from bay area and he grew up in an agriculture area. As an artist he likes to turn his ideas into forms and shapes. besides working on his art works he really enjoys eating food and playing guitar.


Formal Analysis

His exhibition was a package of sculptures based on childhood memories that he refer them as “big toys” during our conversation.most work put together in 4 months. his primary material was ceramic but he also used some wood , steel and paint. In case of shape and paint his works are intentionally not perfectly done in order to show the real look of normal toys.

Content Analysis

His works were all inspired by film market toys and childhood memories. as he said his intent was to explore what people will feel when they see their childhood toys. he also wanted to express that how people can have different feelings around a same nostalgia. he also mentioned that he was interested to know his audiences feelings that have been changed during the time.

My Experience

To be honest I did not feel the nostalgia ,perhaps because Samuel and I belong to different generations. but I am definitely impressed by his ideas and works. the fact that he came up with an original idea is what I really liked about his art.


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