WK4-Graffiti Writing

It was a fun experience along with a sense of rebellion. I probably felt this way because in my mind Graffiti writing was always associated with illegal activity against the authority and source of power. but during the research I did through last week I also found out that graffiti is being recognized as a branch of street arts which is not necessarily illegal. but I still  found the political and social graffiti works way more interesting than other branches.  If you guys have the same interests as mine , I highly recommend you to check out art works by the artist called “Banksy”. He is definitely one of the most famous and Influential contemporary artists.

“Graffiti is one of the few tools you have if you have almost nothing. And even if you don’t come up with a picture to cure world poverty you can make someone smile while they’re having a piss.”
Banksy, Banging Your Head Against a Brick Wall 


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