WK 5- Artist Conversation-Janrad Abad & Daniel Rivera

Artist: Jenrad Abad & Daniel Rivera 

Exhibition: SIFT

Media: Paiting & Sculpture 

Gallery: Dennis W.Dutzi Gallery  

Website: vivewithdare.blogspot.com

Instagram: @JARANDABAD @Crumbs-of-a-line

About the Artist

Jarad & Daniel are CSULB students with major in painting & drawing. they were very friendly and welcoming and answered my questions patiently. they also interviewed me about their art work. it was great talking to them.

Formal Analysis

Their work is a package including painting, white walls, sculptures made with woods and some other stuff. it took 2 months to gather everything together and 3 days to build and set up everything.

Content Analysis

Their work is focused on positive and negative sides of social interactions. they wanted to show how social media like facebook and instagram affect our social life in good and bad ways. for example lack of having an actual conversation is one of the issues we are facing due to social media’s misuse.

My Experience

I entered a narrow hallway surrounded by white walls. at first I thought it’s a wrong gallery and it looked more like there are some constructions going on. there were two people in front of me and something in my mind was pushing me to have conversation with them probably because of the narrow hallway. later on when I talked with artists I found out that it was their intent to make people get close together in that narrow way and start conversation.

listening to the recorded voice of different people’s opinion about paradise and how they pictured their dream paradise was another interesting thing about the “SIFT” exhibition.


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