Photo walk was one of my favorite activities that we have done so far. Such a great experience to walk with your classmates and taking photos of beautiful spots that we have around the campus and many of us might not even had a chance to explore them before. Our guid “Dorothy” was focused on water displays that we have on campus. Thanks to Dorothy We did not waste any time and started our walk right after Glenn briefly explained about the activity. she took us to the fountain next to brotman hall and also the Japanese garden. I’ve never been into Japanese garden before so It was a memorable experience and I finally Had a chance to visit that small piece of paradise. In my photos I mostly focused on water but I also tried to capture other elements like plants and gold fishes along with the water. What I noticed was That the mixture of natural beauties like water and plants and flowers is what actually makes the garden an amazing place.  Otherwise we’ve seen each of those features alone on our way and they just didn’t look as beautiful as they did in the garden.


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