WK7-Artist conversation-Alicia Keyworth



Artist: Alicia Keyworth 

Exhibition: F* Art 

Media: Fiber

Gallery: Gatov Gallery East

Website: Does not exist 

Instagram: @aliciakeyworth

About the Artist:

This week I had a chance to visit F*Art exhibition made by different artists including “Alicia Keyworth”. Alicia is originally from Los Alamitos, California. she is a current CSULB Student in the BFA fiber art program and BA in art education. she will graduate next semester and her passion is to be an art teacher. 

Formal Analysis:

Alicia’s art work , “Wasteful Growth”, is made of cotton,metal(metallic yarn) and plastic trash bags. She Used a lot of scrap pieces. the base of the work is made of canvas and the trash bags. cotton and metallic yarns are woven to the base.

Content Analysis: 

Her work is inspired by Pacific garbage patch. she was focused on the ocean wasteful and how badly we treat our environment. her black theme of her work can be an image of our ocean in the future if we keep trashing the nature. the gold part in the middle is the symbol of treasure and is related to both the garbage that we are wasting by not having it on the recycle process ,and the ocean, the natural treasure , that will be eventually overfilled with trash.

My Experience:

it was a great experience to meet with such a talented artist. it is amazing that how art can make us think deeply about the issues we are facing and  I am personally very concerned about the mistreatment on our environment.


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