WK8-Artist Conversation-Bri Joy

Artist: Beri Joy  

Exhibition: MERGE

Media: Ink and Paper 

Gallery: Gatov Gallery East

Website: Does not exist  

Instagram: @beri.joy

About the Artist:

Beri grew up in a small, unincorporated mountain town but she currently lives in Long Beach. she is a CSULB student with major in printmaking on BFA program. this semester is her last semester and she would like to continue her study in graduate school. she likes teaching so her ultimate goal after finishing her study is to work as a teacher in college and grad school.   

Formal Analysis:

Beri’s pieces is printmaking with the use of “the Lithograph” which is flat print on the surface. digital work that merge the past and present. printmaking is a unique method and there are a lot of equipment have been used to make these artworks and that’s why compare to other art major she confronts more difficulties. she also used different lines in her work. there are many horizontal and vertical lines along with some curves. 

Content Analysis

Merging the past and present is the main concept of her Exhibition. it represents her past and present. merging the past ,growing up in an unincorporated town and present , living in a lively city surrounded by industry and technology. the black and white color is also representing the past and the present. 

My Experience:

it was great to meet with such a talented artist. she was very calm and patient. I could see the deep feelings she had towards her work through her words. my favorite work was the one that shows the woman bodies side by side in black and white. I really appreciate how original and unique her idea and work is.  


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