My name is “Santoori”. I am the boss of a mafia family called “la kosbaz”. Our family is the most enduring and powerful organization at moon base alpha. I am 52 years old ,I moved to alpha when I was 7 and around 7 years ago after my beloved uncle who was the head of our family got killed I took over his position. We are running multiple legitimate businesses and control several ports of the moon base. Like classic mobs, brotherhood and loyalty is the most important things for us but unlike classic Bosses I do have straight red lines on drug and murder. But we still be tough on enemies in order to protect our friends and partners. no one can mess with us.you hit me ,we hit you harder!

recently we had a situation which puts us in trouble with CIA of the alpha. “Erik Jeffries” (https://eliyee.wordpress.com/) is working in the “Dub” ,one of our bar on down town alpha. his dad used to work for us till the day he passed away. Erik went through tough times after that and ended up in prison for committing crimes. he got out of jail 4 years ago and since then he is working for me. I got him a job and also I contract him to take care of some of our dirty jobs stupid Erik did some side jobs without telling me that puts him in trouble and I had to step in and take care of his mess. I wish I could just close my eyes and get rid of him but  I can’t since did a lot of works for the family.since then I had my eyes on him and one of my main guy “Venti” (https://amantsblog.wordpress.com/) is watching him to make sure he would not take any other stupid action. venti is one of my most trusted men. he is talented and super powerful. he gained that significant amount of strength from a magical coffee he drank back when he was still on the earth.

Erik is not the only problem I have to deal with. Venti recently reported suspicious activities from one of our member ,”Rose Nail”(https://freebirdmcmahon.wordpress.com/). Rose recently joined our family and I do not fully trust her. she is a beautiful , delicate young lady but very aggressive and strange. I have no doubts she is the CIA rat who is leaking the information and spying us.I will have Venti and Erik give her a lifetime lesson.  Rose ! you are in a big trouble  love !



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