WK 10 – Art Experience – Instagram

For this week art Experience we were assigned to take 4 pictures of what we do on Thursday march 24th and post them on Instagram with the hashtag #art110s16.  the first picture I posted was a beautiful painting job of “Ja’rie Gray” from “East gatov Gallery”. I guess that painting was not only my favorite because I saw many other people also posted that piece of art. my second picture(The parrot) was taken in Laguna Beach . third one is from “Saddle ranch restaurant in Costa Mesa and last one was taken when I was playing Play Station with my friends later at night.

Even though  there are many similar pictures among our group from the CSULB Galleries, other pictures with #art110s16 hashtag are very diverse. here are some of my favorite pictures from my classmates and also my Instructor Glen :

I really enjoyed our this week’s experience because Instagram is my favorite social app.it’s pretty simple and easy to use and it shares pictures and short videos only. it is so cool that regardless of which part of the world we are living and what lifestyle we have , we all can share our moments with each other. our classmate picture puzzle was a small piece of this giant world.


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