WK 12 – Game design- Geocaching (LBG)

like previous weeks I had another unique and new experience. thank you Glenn ! that’s what I like the most about this class. first I download “Geocaching” app on my phone and start looking for geocaches near my house. with the help of GPS I went to the location and start looking for the hidden geocache. the location was near a Carl’s Jr restaurant, so it was a little bit awkward to look on the bushes and trees in front of many people who are watching but more than the awkwardness I was worried if any of them call the police. luckily  I found the package before anything bad happens. It was such a great feeling when I found it. It was a hair gel package with some toys and papers from previous finders.it was very fun and I will definitely play it again.

for my geocache I got an ALTOIDS package. I put a page marker, a Long Beach logo , a Guinness wristband and a small pencil inside and hide it in a park near my house.

Latitude N33.69618 degree

Longitude W117.77088 degree


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