WK13-Art Experience-Laguna Art Museum

For this week 13 art experience I visited “Fredrick Hammersley works on paper from the permanent collection” exhibition in “Laguna Art Museum” in laguna beach. Frederick Hammersely (1919-2009) was a pioneer of the “hard-edge” abstraction that was such a distinctive presence in California art of the 1950s and 60s. Hammersley is well known by his paintings. I picked two of his portrait paintings, “Estelle” and “Head of a man”, to compare and contrast.


Both works are very simple and look more like sketches.in terms of contrast there is not many differences between these two art works except the angles of the portraits and the feelings on portrayed person’s faces.  there are more details on the woman’s face than the old man’s. the woman looks very pensive but there is no feeling shown on the man’s face.  Hammersley’s drawings show the same taste for simple lines and shapes as the abstract paintings that he is best known. there is no shading in both works and he showed the third dimension by using the curve lines.

at the end I want to share a picture of my favorite art work of the museum:

“Factory Worker”(oil on canvas,1936) by “James Hollins Patrick” (1911-1944)




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