Extra Credit-Art experience feedback

My three favorite art experiences were “Plaster Casting”,”Graffiti Writing” and “Moonrise Alpha”. for plaster casting I joined glenn and other classmate at seal beach.beautiful weather,beautiful people .it was fun and we had a great time together. I liked graffiti writing activity because I was always looking for an opportunity to try graffiti writing experience and this class gave me  the chance to do it. I didn’t expect that moon base alpha becomes one of my favorite experience of this class because I wasn’t really interested in the subject when we were discussing about it in our discussion time but surprisingly it became very fun and interesting after I start working on it and I definitley enjoyed the experience.


My least favorites art experiences were “Art care package”,”Instagram”,”Snapchat”. for art care experience I was not comfortable with sharing my home address with someone that I don’t know. I did not like Instagram and snapchat experiences because I’m not really into those social media networks. I rarely use Instagram and facebook and I had never used snapchat before the experience we had. In my opinion social medias are really important and have an important role in social interactions but I believe that the way people use social medias specially snapchat is a total waste of time.


Feedback: Art 110 is one of the best classes I’ve ever taken. I loved this class and I can’t think of any changes.  t was very fun and a unique experience for me. art experinces, artist and classmate conversations were all amazing and useful. Thursdays became became my favorite day of the week since the beginning of the semester. it was great to visit art galleries, meet different talented artists and having a quality conversation with them. it was such an amazing experience to chat with different classmates each week and knowing about their goals and interests. thank you Glenn for being the coolest teacher ever.



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