WK 15 – Artist Conversation – Nancy young

Artist: Nancy Young

Exhibition: As The Crow Flies

Media: paper, ink, stones

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: No website

Instagram: No instagram


For our last week’s artist conversation, we got the chance to meet artist Nancy Young. She is currently a senior student in BFA program in California State University. she likes listening to music and playing with her dogs on her free time. she is currently working as a programmer for city of orange. she has a job that she loves. Nancy is happy that she has a stable job and income and she doesn’t have to make her living with her art. all of her art works are inspired from her personal life and memory of what happened in her life. Nancy doesn’t know yet if she wants to go for master or not. she thinks people usually go for masters of art if they have plan on teaching art specifically.

Nancy with her senior show wanted to share how you make prints.she believes that printmaking is not a one thing , it is a number of different types. she put different printmaking techniques uch as relief , Intaglio, Collograph, Lithography and etc with descriptions on one of the walls of the gallery . she used different materials and media to create her works such as zinc , stones , acid and etc. lithography  was my favorite type of printmaking. it is a very cool form of printmaking that you draw on the stone with a greasy pencil and then you etch it. by etching it stone knows to  grab the inc for what you drew and to repel for what you didn’t draw. cal state long beach has more than 80 different stones and its one of the few places that artists can work on stones so if you really into  lithography ,CSULB is a good place for you.

All of Nancy’s art works are inspired by her personal life issues and memories. crows are the most common element on her work. A lot of her other works are about her dogs. the reason she drew crows is because  she likes drawing birds and she wanted to pick a subject matter that will be a little bit different.  she used her own photos of crows and also some sources in the library like national geographic magazine. due to the death of her husband , grief and loss are other inspirations of her work and maybe that’s why her works have a dark background and scene.

Overall I really enjoyed Nancy’s art. her lithography art piece on limestone was my favorite piece of her show. I can tell that she is following her feelings to make art and  her art works come from the bottom of her heart. what I really liked about Nancy is that she uses art to express her feelings. she is not making art for living and I think this helps her art to be directly connected to her soul. I believe that this direct connection between her art and her soul makes her art very deep and unique.





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